The Famous Grilla Weight Loss Stack

The Famous Grilla Weight Loss Stack



After the huge success of our relatively new weight loss stack we felt it was only fair that we introduce a new bundle of products to the people out there that have not yet heard the hype... this stack has fat quaking in its boots.  We are taking this opportunity to cover all of the most common questions we receive regarding the new Grilla Weight Loss Stack.


So what is our weight loss stack? The Grilla Weight Loss Stack is a combination of three of our leading weight loss supplements used together to maximise weight loss potential.


Why is it so effective? Each product used alone promotes weight loss in its own unique way. Individually they have amassed a huge amount of amazing customer feedback and transformations, so a bright spark here at Grilla Fitness headquarters suggested that we stack all three products together at a massive discount to produce a three pronged fat attack!


What does it include? Our Weight loss stack contains three products, Burn Bullets, Target Zone CLA and a tub of Burn Blend diet protein shakes. In addition to this you will receive a free shaker named the 'selfie shaker' which means you are legally allowed to take lots of selfies while proudly holding your shake aloft (any excuse is a good excuse). We also provide a diet plan to use alongside your great products.


What does each product do? Burn Bullets are a thermogenic fat burner, so it is designed to raise your body temperature to burn calories and fat. In addition to this, hunger is suppressed and you get bundles of energy. Target Zone CLA, studies have shown users to achieve a leaner body mass while inhibiting the body's ability to store fats. Lastly Burn Blend Diet shakes, currently available in three amazing flavours (more will be added), are used as a meal replacement shake which also has added weight loss ingredients, so in effect this fills you up and kickstarts fat burning.


When do you take each product? The Burn Bullets are taken twice a day (after your initial tolerance test) 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon on non training days or 1 in the morning and 1 30 mins prior to training on training days. We suggest that you do not take them past 4pm due to the stimulants. Take them after food with plenty of water. Target Zone CLA, take 2 of these per day at any time. Burn Blend diet shakes are used as a meal replacement for breakfast mixed with fully skimmed milk, almond milk or water. You can also chose to add other ingredients such as fruits or honey for example to add variety. You would then eat a healthy lunch and dinner... as mentioned we provide a diet plan for guidance.


How much weight will I lose? This is the big question, we have had happy customers thanking us for losing up to 12kg's in 4 weeks! It really can be that effective. We aim to provide you with all of the tools you need to get the job done but it is down to you to be dedicated and not give in to temptations. If you do that we are confident that you will get great results.


Remember we are always thrilled to hear from our customers and their amazing weight loss journeys when they have been helped along by our products. It is why we started Grilla Fitness. We would love to see and share your amazing weight loss pictures, so much so that we will reward you with a nice big discount on your next order. If you think you have one that you would like us to share with other Grilla customers to show what they could achieve then please send us your stories.


What are you waiting for... get stacks of weight loss


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