Hayley Dropping Dress Sizes

Hayley Dropping Dress Sizes


Hayley dropped an amazing 2 dress sizes transforming her life and gaining her confidence back.
Here is her story:

"I had three children in quick succession, I just couldn't lose the baby weight. I gave the Burn Bullets a go. I was not eating great but I still saw a lot of improvement with my weight. I then thought I need to do this properly. I meal prepped and took then Burn Bullets and the weight just dropped off. A lot of people think that they are a fad or rubbish, but I can honestly say that its not. I have kept the weight off, I am happy! When I started I attended a wedding at a size 14, today I am going to another wedding at a size 10! I love them I think that they are great and I will continue to use them"

Hear it from Hayley

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Take that first step to realising your own potential just like Hayley did! Use our Burn Bullets to give you that extra push when you need it. They continue to be one of the UK's leading weight management supplements.



What Our Customers Say...

"Thanks to Grilla Fitness diet plan and Burn Bullets & also working out 5 days a week I have lost 12lbs in just under a month, and have gone from a size 12 to an 8!"
- @chrissycranham

"Its mad to think how much I have changes my life in the last year! Couldn't be happier…Nearly 8 stone down!!"
- @ryanjoc1994

"4 weeks I can see a difference - Burn Bullets are amazing!"
- @powerloz

"Thank you so much, just 3 weeks of Burn Bullets and training have helped me tone and lose 12lbs"
- @meljamiesonxo

"my 4 weeks are up!! Lost half a stone. Still more to go but its progress, all through eating good, training and Burn Bullets"
- @mrs_triple_m

Disclaimer: Please note that results may vary. When used in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise programme, Burn Bullets may increase your energy levels, help ensure your metabolism is working well and may help you achieve your lean body goals

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