Dad Bod to Hot Bod with Kirk Norcorss

Dad Bod to Hot Bod with Kirk Norcorss

We hear from Kirk Norcross of Towie and how he went from Dad Bod to Hot Bod with help from Grilla Fitness:

'I am Kirk, I was one of the cast members of the Only way is Essex when the show first started. I have always loved fitness and training but go through phases of being really in to it or not going at all. When I first started training my main goal was to look good for filming and photoshoots because my image was really important to me. I have to say the older I have got my priorities have changed. I am now a dad and being fit and healthy is just as important to me as image goals, I am now in the mindset of maintaining my health regime long term with the motivation of my family in mind. As we all know the older you get the harder it is to keep the pounds off and the muscle on so the Grilla Fitness range of products has helped me massively. I use a combination of 'The Test' testosterone booster, 'Isoblend' whey protein, 'Levels' Pre workout and 'Ultrapure Creatine'. As you can see the results speak for themselves. There is around 2 months between each pic and the combination of training and using the supplements has helped me massively!  'The Test' has had a notable effect on my muscle growth, hardness but also my mrs makes sure that i take it each day now for some strange reason. When you get older nature takes course and your test levels drop, so this product helps your body produce testosterone naturally! The 'Levels' pre workout really gives me the energy boost that I need to get off my backside and go train after a long days work, it has been a god send! When you feel like you don't want to train, take 1-2 scoops of 'Levels' and 20 mins later you feel like destroying your workout, its amazing stuff! The 'Isoblend' whey protein is a high end protein powder which helps my muscles repair and grow while being ultra low in calories, so it absolutely ideal for my personal goals and tastes amazing. When strength training I find that adding creatine in to your diet makes you more explosive and helps with recovery time, being really fine the 'Ultrapure' Creatine is nice and easy to drink. I cant thank Grilla Fitness enough for providing these quality products. I would recommend them to anyone that needs that extra push and will hopefully continue my own personal journey with the help of my friends at Grilla Fitness!'


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A potent Testosterone support supplement. The test is 100% Natural and Legal, it is formulated using well researched ingredients to promote the production of testosterone in the body.

This product is for men who feel their testosterone levels could do with a helping hand. In the fitness world, testosterone plays a vital role in muscle growth, strength and bone health. In everyday life, it is responsible for maintaining libido and sperm count along with many other functions. As men get older their test levels fall, and with Men aged over 30, it can be as much as 1% each year. Supplementing your diet with a potent testosterone support supplement such as ‘The Test’ can help maintain and boost healthy testosterone levels.

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