What is Isoblend & how does it differ from Burn Blend?

What is Isoblend & how does it differ from Burn Blend?


What is it?

In short, it is an ultra high quality protein supplement used to boost protein intake. It contains a huge 82% protein content, which is sourced from Irish grass fed cows. It is mixed with water, skimmed or any type of Nut milk to produce a delicious shake. At a time when food is becoming a bigger consideration, supplementing your diet with protein can be vital to staying healthy.

What is it used for?

It provides the building blocks for muscle, in turn promoting muscle repair and recovery. It helps to sculpt and build lean muscle mass, with virtually no carbs, fats or sugars you can be assured that you will be building quality muscle and tone.

How is it different to Burn Blend?

Isoblend focuses on getting high amounts of protein into your body quickly, with its massive protein content and digestive enzymes. This aids muscle growth, tone and recovery. You would use this alongside your normal diet to boost protein intake.
Burn Blend is less focused on muscle growth, and is formulated to aid weight loss. As such, it contains less protein which is replaced by weight loss support ingredients such as green tea extract and CLA. This is used as a meal replacement to help create a calorie deficit, aiding weight loss. 

Why is protein so important?

Protein is not only critical for muscle growth, but also plays a vital role in every cell of the body. It is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood

Will Whey Protein bulk me up if I am a woman?

This is a common misconception. Protein itself will help you build good quality muscle and tone. Your overall diet and training regime will play a bigger role in the size you put on.

Can I take this if I am lactose intolerant?

This product does contain lactose but in reduced amounts due to the whey isolate blend. In addition to this, Isoblend contains the Enzyme ‘Lactase’ which aids people who are lactose intolerant to digest dairy products. We do have many customers with lactose and digestion problems that have used this product with no issues at all!

Isoblend contains digestive Enzymes what are these?

Digestive Enzymes help the body break down foods for better absorption so are great for those with digestion issues. The Enzymes included are as follows:

Alpha-amylase - Helps by starting the digestion process by breaking down carbohydrates

Neutral protease - Breaks down many forms of proteins which mean it is absorbed more efficiently within the body

Lactase - Used to aid persons with intolerance to lactose, assisting the digestion of dairy products

Lipase - Is key for the digestion of fats which some say can also promote weight loss. Other benefits include lessening the symptoms of IBS and boosting nutrient absorption.

 Cellulase: Helps with the digestion of plants and vegetables



A huge 24g of protein per 30g scoop (the equivalent of around 100g of chicken)

Digestive Enzymes to aid food breakdown and protein absorption

Low calories, 116 per serving

Ultra Premium whey isolate blend from Grass fed cows


Vegetarian Friendly

Incredible Taste


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