What is DNP & Why is it so Dangerous?

What is DNP & Why is it so Dangerous?
Many of you may have heard in the recent press about a young lady who died after taking DNP, which she was using as a radical weight loss pill. But what is DNP and what makes it so dangerous to take? DNP or Dinitrophenol is a highly-toxic substance. DNP is a combination of compounds that was widely used during the early 20th century in a range of industrial processes. The fact that DNP is similar in chemical make-up to TNT, yes TNT should make alarm bells ring for anyone thinking about taking it! DNP works by disrupting energy generation in cells and was first believed to be used on an industrial scale to make explosives in the first world war. Ingested in the body, it breaks down and impairs cellular fat and carbohydrate, but instead of the energy being used by the cells, it is released as heat. When taking the substance, the body cannot regulate upper temperature limits which means when taken in large amounts, DNP can have a similar effect on the body as TNT, and effectively causes the body to explode in heat. Although illegal to buy in the UK, DNP unfortunately is relatively easy to buy on the internet marketed as a diet pill. However, Trading Standards are working hard to close these shady companies down profiteering off of such a dangerous product. So what are the side effects? There are many side effects of taking DNP as follows: Fever Dehydration Nausea Vomiting Restlessness Excessive sweating Dizziness Headaches Rapid breathing Rapid or irregular heartbeat The combination of these side effects can have an extremely damaging effect on the body and can result in coma and, as we have unfortunately seen, death. Long-term use can lead to the development of cataracts and skin lesions and may cause damage to the heart and nervous system. There is also evidence from animal studies that DNP is carcinogenic (cancer causing) and increases the risk of birth defects. Approximately 60 people have been reported to have died taking this dangerous substance. People if you are looking to loose weight stick to the safe fat burning option by using our Burn Bullets and combine them with healthy eating!  Our product is made to strict European standards and as such has to meet stringent quality and safety assurances prior to sale. We can confirm that no ingredient in the Burn Bullets is toxic to health in the amounts provided and does not contain the highly dangeorous product DNP. So stick to Burn Bullets, weight loss support without the risk!

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