Swiss Ball Workout

Swiss Ball Workout
This weeks weekly workout is our Swiss Ball 30 minute toning circuit. This is a very quick and easy workout to achieve as you do not require much space or indeed much time. It is high intensity so you can achieve good results in a short period. Swiss Ball 30 min toning circuit. ( Find a space with a wall & some floor area) Legs & bum Wall squats x 20 - place ball in small of the back. - walk feet away from wall so that when you squat you can see your toes. - go as low as your knees Lunges x 10 each leg - keep one leg forward & place your other foot on the wall behind - make sure your legs are not directly in line but slightly wider to spread your weight and help balance. - keep back straight lunge down so your knee goes to the floor. - ball should roll down the wall supporting your back. Pelvic bridges x 20 - Lay on the floor & put both legs up on the ball. - make sure backs of knees are on ball. - push bottom up towards ceiling as high as you can squeezing bottom to activate the Glutes. - this exercise will also hit your hamstrings ( backs of thighs) Repeat circuit x3 total of 60 reps per exercise. Core & tummy. Swiss ball plank x 30 secs - place elbows on ball & lift knees off floor - body should be as flat as a table & sit up onto your elbows. Swiss ball mountain climber x20 - same position as above - bring each knee alternatively into the ball so your knee touches the ball. - keep back as straight as you can. Crunches x40 - sit on ball & then roll down so your back is on the ball. - make sure lower back is supported on ball. - keep chin off chest & eyes looking up. - Come up only half way, just a small crunch. Repeat circuit x3 Tricep dips x10-15 ( backs of arms, chest & shoulders) - sit on ball with your hands behind you and fingers facing away from ball pointing at you. - edge off ball so that your arms are holding you up - dip down towards floor then push back up. - keep arms in tight & not to wide. - don't let elbows kick out & don't let elbows lock out at top. - knees are bent & feet firmly on floor. Swiss ball keep ups x40 ( Shoulders) - standing up holding ball in hands - bounce ball at top of wall to where you can reach. - keep bouncing for x40 reps Swiss ball push ups 15-20 - Place ball on wall, chest level. - Hands wide & lower whole body down into chest. Progression- - Press ups on toes on the ball - hands wide lower chest down towards ball - or knees on floor for a lower intensity option. Repeat circuit x3 ( Time yourself each time & see if you can improve on your time of the full circuit)

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