Ross Gets Ripped - Weight loss stack goals

Ross Gets Ripped - Weight loss stack goals

Like many, Ross (@iamrossp), was looking for a helping hand to achieve his body goals. When we first saw his transformation pics it was clear to see that our weight loss stack had helped him dramatically. Here is what he said: 

'I’ve always trained 5 days a week but was finding it difficult to lose my belly and get some definition,  I was recommended Grilla Burn bullets so I thought why not let’s see if they work !  Within a week not only me but others started to see a difference in my appearance,  taking the the bullets seemed to get me more focused on what I was aiming to do , I found my body temperature raised as I was sweating for the first time during my training. Within 5 weeks of using the weight loss stacks I’m actually totally shocked in how good I look , they are not a miracle pill you do have to be focused on your goal but I can definitely say they work and would recommend to all'

Unlike many nutrition companies out there we do not make false promises and do not over charge for our products. We are in it to help you, and offer the guidance and support along the way. Our weight loss stack can certainly push you towards your goals but you can not think that you will be able to eat pizza every night along with using the weight loss stack and expect to lose weight. With that in mind, our weight loss stack contains three weight loss support products including our Burn Bullets, all bundled together at a huge discount, with a free diet plan to offer suggestions on meals and snacks. We also include free shipping with this offer. The weight loss stack contains a tub of Burn Blend meal replacement shakes so you will be saving on one of your daily meal costs. It is ideal for both men and women. The stack lasts for 4 weeks at a cost of £63...Why not see what it can do for you, chose your flavour and get stared

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Weight Loss Plan

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The Grilla Fitness Weight Loss Plan combines 3 amazing weight loss support products to help you to lose body fat fast & achieve your body goals.

With this supplement combination, you will experience a higher rate of fat loss due to increased metabolism & calorie burning.  With enhanced energy levels to train harder & be more active, whist creating a calorie deficit, our customers have seen results in as little as 2 weeks.  Join the 1000's of happy customers who took the first step to changing their lives.  

What is Included? 
3 combined products at a great discount, the Grilla Fitness Weight Loss Plan is a 28 day plan. That is just over £2 per day!

You receive:
1 x Burn Bullets weight loss support capsules 
1 x Burn Blend meal replacement diet protein shakes
1 x CLA Support Gummies
1 x Free weight loss diet plan. This is a low carb, low fat, high protein diet plan

FREE next working day shipping & a FREE Grilla Fitness shaker bottle