So its a start to a new year and many people are looking to be fitter and healthier as part of their 2018 resolution goals! There is a growing number of people looking to achieve this by becoming vegan. 

But don't worry our Vegan Friends, this simply amazing tasting Vegan meal replacement shake is here for you! Hit your protein intake, with this incredibly smooth plant-based protein blend. Use alongside your free calorie controlled diet plan to achieve your body goals easy-PEA'sy 

Burn Blend Vegan Protein is an all natural plant-based meal replacement shake. The low calorie, low fat, low carbohydrate blend is perfect for those wanting to tone up or work towards weight loss goals. Because it is free of any animal-based products, lactose, soy, and cholesterol it is perfect for those with any intolerances or dietary requirements. With added digestive enzymes it also helps those who struggle with IBS and digestion issues. High in protein, Burn Blend Vegan Protein helps with muscle repair and recovery, so is also fantastic to use alongside an active lifestyle. Because it tastes so great, it can be used as a snack to keep cravings at bay and ensure you stay on track with your transformation goals. Developed over months of trails and testing with professional athletes and fitness experts, we are confident that you will simply love Burn Blend Vegan Protein.


So why are more people going vegan? 


  • People are becoming more aware of the impact on the environment caused by large-scale animal farming. Livestock produces a huge amount of carbon dioxide which accounts for approximately half of all greenhouse gases recent studies have suggested.
  • People are becoming more ethically conscious in relation to the breeding and treatment of animals and their welfare during the production of meat farming. There is more and more press regarding the mistreatment of livestock.
  • Due to large amounts of saturated fats found in some meat sources, going Vegan can lower your cholesterol and improve heart health.
  • Some people believe that there are carcinogen effects from eating meats
  • people suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome find that cutting out dairy products and thus lactose in their diet helps dramatically lower the symptoms.
  • Contrary to popular belief, cutting out meat and dairy does not mean that you cannot put on muscle mass. Protein can be gained from plants and in fact, a vegan diet may even promote lean gains. Grilla Fitness sponsor various professional athletes including champion boxers. Many have switched to the Vegan diet including using our vegan protein and have found that their energy levels increased dramatically, their strength remained and they found it easier to maintain weight! if its good enough for the champs, its good enough for us!


Watch this space and check in on our Instagram page for vegan recipes!




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