Meet Grilla Girl Tanya English

Meet Grilla Girl Tanya English
My Fitness journey By fitness model and personal trainer, Tanya English (@suntan1986) I started training in 2007 when I moved to Australia. I'd been backpacking for around seven months, drinking most nights and I finally got fed up of feeling lethargic and bloated from all the drinking and having bad skin from all the junk food.  One day I decided to stop drinking and moved to Melbourne, where I got introduced to weight training from a friend. I remembered my first session very well, L-E-G-S! although the session was very difficult, after I felt a sense of achievement and a natural high. From that day on I was hooked, and fitness became a big part of my life. Rather than all the hard partying I used to take part in, on a weekend, I replaced with the gym and training. As nutrition and supplementation go hand in hand with gym work, I quickly learnt about these aspects. I defiantly made mistakes along the way, but over time I have learnt what worked for me. In 2009, I wanted to take it a step further and decided to train as a Personal trainer. I became certified in levels three and four at the Australian institute of fitness. at this stage I wasn't really working at a gym but was mainly running outside classes and boot camps as in Australia we had the great weather! During the latter part of my stay in Australia, I did various shoots for different supplement companies and gym wear brands In 2013 I came back to the UK to make a life back home. I became a PT a local gym and carried on how I left off in Oz. I enjoyed helping people reach their goals. Recently I decided I wanted to develop my fitness modelling. I decided to post some of my training photos and ''selfies'' on my social media pages to put myself out there. I found that in doing so I get a lot of positive messages inspiring people to work out which is great and in turn motivates me. Following posting up my various photos, I have had various companies and fitness photographers approach me to work with me which has been really positive and has helped me keep focused on my training. When I am prepping for a shoot, a huge part of of the program is my diet and supplementation. I met George, one of the owners through social media and since we have became good friends. He has pointed me in the right direction for my pre shoot supplementation. One of the most difficult aspects of pre shoot prep is cutting the last stubborn body fat and I found his fat burners, Burnbullets worked very well with me. It also helped stem the cravings for sugar! The great thing Ii like about these fat burners are that I can still sleep on them and they don't make me too jittery. Myself and the guys at will be working closely together in the near future to come up with some of my workout plans, training tips  and pre shoot stack and diet plans, which will work great if you are trying to tone up or shift some excess weight! I look forward to writing again for my friends! until then TRAIN HARD! Tanya x (@suntan1986)

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