Kirstie's 10 stone weight loss transformation

Kirstie's 10 stone weight loss transformation

After receiving an insta inbox from Kirstie telling us how she had used our Burn Bullets and Weight loss plan to achieve an incredible 10 stone...we just had to find out more. 

Here is what she said:

My weight loss journey started around 18 months ago ,at 22 stone ,when I took the plunge and ordered the weight loss stack ! After a week I noticed a difference which spurred me on to really push myself! I started exercising more And cut down my portion sizes (as a fussy eater I found it hard to stick to a diet!)

Now after a year and a half I weight 12stone using burn bullets and a shake a day !!
When I want a little boost again I go to two shakes a day !!
It’s worked brilliantly for me and I’m so pleased !!
Thank you

Kirstie x


Here is what she looked like at the start of her journey


Kirsty Before frontKirsty Before Side


And here is what she looks like now losing an incredible 10 stone with help from The weight loss plan....


Kirsty front afterKirsty side 1 AfterKirsty side 2 After


If you want to get started on your own incredible story, let our weight loss stack give you that helping hand


Weight Loss Plan

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