We are pleased to announce our latest product to the Grilla Fitness armory, Target Zone CLA. This product has been designed to use on its own or to compliment our weight loss stack, incorporating our hugely popular Burn Bullets and Burn Blend, the posh diet protein! But What Is CLA? CLA Stands for Conjugated linoleic acids. CLA are a family of natural occurring acids found mostly in meat and dairy products. CLA is made up of 28 different structural forms of the same molecule all of which have different effects to the body. CLA is a naturally occurring fat and is not to be confused with the man made trans fats which are bad for health. What are the benefits of taking CLA as part of the weight loss stack? • Studies indicate that taking CLA not only decreases body fat, but also promotes lean body mass. This has been concluded after numerous trials. What was found was that when taken over a period of time, subjects remained at the same weight, however, body fat had decreased which meant that muscle mass had increased during this time. • CLA isn't a thermogenic type fat busting product such as our Burn Bullets, which means they can be taken before bed as they have no stimulant type effect. This means that the fat loss benefits will be experienced as you sleep. There are other benefits of taking CLA, although research stages are very early. These include: • anti cancer benefits • anti inflammatory properties How should I take my CLA as part of the weight loss stack? • Take 1 Burn Bullet in the morning along side 1 Target Zone capsule • Note – 1 Burn Blend shake can be used as a breakfast replacement • Take 1 Burn Bullet 20 mins prior to workout • Note - it is recommended to drink one protein shake post training to promote muscle repair. We recommend our Burn Blend Diet Whey although another low calorie low carb protein can be used instead (please check out our lean protein section) • Take 1 Target Zone capsule prior to bed You can buy Grilla Target Zone CLA right now! Have a look here! HAPPY SHREDDING!!

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