Healthy Meal options - Burn Blend v Pot Noodle

Healthy Meal options -  Burn Blend v Pot Noodle

During these tough times, it is hard to keep your nutrition and eating on track. With calorie controlled diets, it is typically very expensive to keep your protein intake high and the carbs and fats low. With modern day life the time aspect unfortunately overrules health, and often the cheaper unhealthier and 'easier' option is chosen.

But do not despair...with Burn Blend, we have the perfect solution. Burn Blend can be used as a cost effective, healthy, quick and importantly, tasty meal  replacement option. Used to replace breakfast or lunch it is a great 'go to' when ideas and funds run low.

Here we compare Burn Blend with Pot noodle. These are both easy meal ideas at a similar cost but that is where the similarities end! Lets see the stats:

                                Burn Blend shakes V Pot noodles
Price Per serving                           £1.14 - £1
Calories                                           128 - 551
Carbs                                              2.5g - 73g
Fat                                                   2.2g - 21g
Saturated Fat                                  1.3g -10g
Protein                                             21g - 13g
Burn Blend also contains all that good body goal stuff such as Green Tea, CLA and L-Carnitine
Seeing these figures, it is not hard to see why so many people are turning to our amazing Burn Blend meal replacement shakes to offer the perfect solution to modern day eating problems.
Why not grab a tub and get back on track!


Burn Blend Diet Protein Shake

Regular price£31.99

Burn Blend is our amazing weight management support meal replacement shake. Burn Blend contains a combination of arguably the most effective weight management ingredients available helping you towards your body goals whilst satisfying your hunger. Not only a great weight management support product, Burn Blend comes in several amazing flavours so will act as a treat without you having to feel guilty. Burn Blend mixes ultra smooth and can be added as an ingredient to make a variety of treats, drinks and smoothies.

Recommended for:

  • Individuals at all fitness levels, from pros to beginners.
  • A quick, easy and healthy meal replacement.
  • All Genders.
  • Those requiring a helping hand to hit their body goals.
  • Working towards a specific occasion or event such as a Holiday or Wedding
  • Individuals who are lacking every day energy and motivation.
  • Vegetarian friendly, soy & gluten free.