Gym Spotting

Gym Spotting
Next time you are down at your local gym see how many of these ''species'' of gym goers you can spot..... or maybe you ARE one of these! 1: The Hyeenas: usually a young species, and tending to work in packs, the hyeenas like to make as much noise as possible to mark their territory....usually dominated by an alpha male, the smaller hyenas mark their approval with  high pitched cries. Hyeenas like to leave as much devestation in thier wake, in particular by leaving around 60 assorted dumbells on the floor around their bench. 2: The Beast: the beast, or James as hes known out of the gym is a meek, mild mannered office worker from a middle class family. However as soon as James hits the gym, he's a hoodied-up, earphoned in semi wild animal. He walks through the crowed without pause for any obstical in his path (including people), between sets, he prowels up and down like a caged tiger and generally regards himself as a force to be reconned with and the strogest damn entity in the place.  WARNING taking our grilla warfare pre workout may bring out some beast-like qualities. 3: The Veteran:  The veteran has been ''lifting''  from before you was a twinkle in your fathers eye....and likes to take the opportunity to tell you this every time you make the mistake of making eye contact with him. The veteran likes to tell you how ''kids nowadays dont know the first thing about lifting''.....................this is right before he struggles to contort his body in order to swing up weights far too heavy for him...just to prove the point. 4: The Meg Ryan.....the meg ryan, likes to make a huge deal out of lifting not so heavy weights. The meg ryan likes to make every set sound like a recreation of the cafe scene in ''when harry met sally'' with his (or her) OOOOOOOs and AAAARRRRGGHHHHHHs. The meg ryan can be heard from the other side of the gym.......on the other side of town. 5: The Peacock...the peacock likes to draw as much attention to themselves as possible. They will go to any lengths to do this....even if it means hanging upside down from the TRX machine....whist doing bicep curls. 6: The Label...the label is willing to disregard the discomfort and an unhealthy bank balance, just as long as they are wearing the latest designer label whilst giving the false impression of having a workout. 7: The Queen to spend their days socialising down the gym with other queen bees while the worker ant is busy paying the bills.   If you discover a new species, we'd love to know!!!  Grillafitness would be happy to add them to the list!

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