Grilla Fitness Burn Bullets Review by Meisha Pijot

Grilla Fitness Burn Bullets Review by Meisha Pijot
Check out this in depth review from personal trainer Meisha Pijot..... You can read the original content here Fat burners. Are they actually worth the money? The supplement industry is booming, whether it be the standard essentials such as multivitamins, fish oils and whey protein or something more specific, promising to give results like no other. Fat burners are always one of these questionable products. Do they work? Are they bad for you? In my experience, there are a lot of fat burner supplements on the shelves that will absolutely intrigue the dieters and gym goers out there. I mean, if something’s going to make the process quicker and easier, surely it’s worth the extra dollar? Well… quite often it’s not. I came across Grilla Fitness’s Burn Bullets a couple of years ago when a client came to me having bought some and was going to try them to help her reach her weight loss goal. I read the ingredients and gave her the go ahead seeing as they were completely natural and pretty generic, known to assist in the short term improvement of metabolic function. A long story short, this lady, who may I add, had NEVER lifted weights before in her life, went from being hungry and unhappy, to slim, toned and her appetite suppressed. She dropped 3 dress sizes in 3 months and looked and felt better than ever! Now I’m not saying the burn bullets were the only thing that changed her shape. Of course the right nutrition and training had a lot to do with it. But the suppression of her appetite was incredible, which the bullets had to be credited for. Having then gone and tried them myself and encouraged a number of clients to also give them a go, there’s mostly only good words been said. Personally, I don’t feel the need to use any fat burning supplements when I’m prepping, just very specific nutrition and training. But, they certainly gave me an energy boost so I would consider using them time-to-time as a pre workout. Overall, as far as fat burning supplements go, these guys have nailed it.  The team even sent me a Weight Loss Stack to give their other products a go including CLA gels and their Burn Blend Diet Whey, which I must say, tastes pretty yummy. Nice one guys. Here’s what a couple of my clients had to say…
Iain – Having a young family it’s difficult to muster up enough energy getting to the gym never mind doing any exercise. Burn Bullets provide the kick I need to power through my programme plus some. Lauren – Burn Bullets give me a real energy boost and buzz, which makes me work twice as hard in the gym and I’ve found I can lift heavier and do more reps!
*Please note, I am not associated or sponsored by Grilla Fitness, this is just a product review.

Burn Bullets

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Introducing our new and improved Burn Bullets formulation!

Why did we change it?

Quite simply, to improve on an already incredible product. Using the latest research we set out to add more benefits to Burn Bullets.

Historically, Burn Bullets were formulated to help hit your body goals by ensuring that your metabolism is performing at its optimum level to burn calories for energy. This in turn creates a calorie deficit and therefore helps burn fat. This remains a key focus to Burn Bullets, but with improved ingredients

What’s new?

Based on customer feedback, our new blend of ingredients also focus on suppressing appetite. With added Glucomannan, African Mango, Raspberry Keytones and Bladderwrack, this combination will now help you feel fuller for longer.

Burn Bullets also help boost concentration, alertness, and energy whilst working out.

With increased energy, appetite suppressant and thermogic effect, together, these natural ingredients work in synergy to support healthy weight loss, helping you to achieve your desired results.

Recommended for:

  • Individuals at all fitness levels, from beginners to pro athletes.
  • All Genders.
  • Those requiring a helping hand to hit their body goals.
  • Working towards a specific occasion or event such as a Holiday or Wedding
  • Those looking to increase energy & motivation
  • Vegan friendly, soy & gluten-free.