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Feeling like a Gem with help from Burn Bullets

Posted by Grilla Fitness on

Gem's story is like many others out there. She contacted us via instagram because she wanted help to lose some baby weight after having her son. She told us that she she had tried many things in the past and nothing seemed to work. We suggested that she tried our Burn Bullets as they have helped 1000's of other people towards their weight loss goals. She decided to give them a go and has never looked back! Here are some of the wonderful messages that we have received from Gemma since: 

'So I started the capsules a week ago! And OMG! There amazing I have so much energy it’s unreal! I feel amazing I’m not bloated and lost 5lbs with doing kickboxing too! But wow wish I started these ages ago!'

'I literally can not thank you enough! I have managed to put my jeans on for the first time in ages since taking these capsules so it’s now been 10 days! I’ve lost 11lbs and I feel amazing! These capsules are life changing! I didn’t believe it at first as tried so many things before! My family are saying I’ve lost weight and that’s makes me want to cry.... thank you so much!'

'So I started these September because since having my little boy I lost all confidence and put on so much weight! I did stop taking these for couple months due to being ill but started them up again and since January and I’ve lost 2 stone! Now happy at we’re I am!! These are amazing really help with bloating too. I did this with the Grilla Fitness Burn Bullets, dieting and exercising and even though I’m happy where I am at now I will stick with these for ever to help maintain my weight'


We are always proud to be able to help customers get their confidence back and love to stay in contact with those that we help. If you have any questions regarding our Burn Bullets or indeed any of our other products, our team is always on hand to help. Just drop us a message via our 'Help' button....lets see what we can achieve together!

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