Casey Kills it with Burn Bullets

Casey Kills it with Burn Bullets

Casey has been an amazing customer and ambassador to the Grilla brand since he discovered Burn Bullets many years ago. He has transformed his life with a little help from Burn Bullets and seeing his journey first hand has been incredible!

Here is his story:

My name is Casey Adams I’m a 26 year old from Essex I started my journey at a 48 inch waist( around 20 stone) wearing XXXL clothing, I was depressed and eating everything in sight. Looking back on it the most embarrassing part of being that big was getting turned away on some of the rides at Thorpe Park, for being too fat, that’s when I decided that something needed to be done. It was March last year that I decided to turn my life around, I had used burn bullets in the past and it helped me lose weight on the past so I knew I was going to be using them again on this journey. Not only do they make a huge difference in terms of energy whilst your working out but for me more than anything they help me mentally and keep me focused throughout the day. A year later and I’m now a 30 inch waist wearing size Small- Medium clothes. I couldn’t recommend the Burn bullets enough if your serious about losing weight!


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'Thanks to Grilla Fitness diet plan and Burn Bullets & also working out 5 days a week I have lost 12lbs in just under a month, and have gone from a size 12 to an 8!' @chrissycranham

'Its mad to think how much I have changes my life in the last year! Couldn't be happier…Nearly 8 stone down!!' @ryanjoc1994

'4 weeks I can see a difference - Burn Bullets are amazing!' @powerloz

'Thank you so much, just 3 weeks of Burn Bullets and training have helped me tone and lose 12lbs' @meljamiesonxo

'my 4 weeks are up!! Lost half a stone. Still more to go but its progress, all through eating good, training and Burn Bullets' @mrs_triple_m