Cancer Busting Foods

Cancer Busting Foods
More and more research has been carried out into the causes of cancer with processed foods being near the top of the list. It is important nowadays to have a healthy diet to reduce the risk of developing cancer, in fact some research has found that there are certain foods that actually have cancer preventing qualities. Oily Fish Fish oil will give you a good course of long chain omega 3. This is a very effective anti-inflammatory in the body which helps minimise the types of hormones which irritate and inflame. When someone has cancer, DNA structure can be put at risk, however some research has shown that Omega-3 combats this effect. There are quantities of vitamin D in oily fish which has also been thought to help with prevention of cancer. Mackerel, Salmon and Herring are packed with vitamin A which has been found to reduce levels of colon, breast and prostrate cancer. If someone is undergoing chemo, then eating oily fish helps prevent the wasting and weakening of the body associated with the treatment. There are various ways to supplement intake of omega three, with fish oil capsules and flack seed oils which you add to your food, but flack seed oil produces the short chain variant of omega-3 , so has different benefits. Garlic If you can put up with the Garlic breath, Garlic has many cancer fighting ingredients such as selenium, tryptophan and sulphur-based agents. Garlic also has properties which seem to stop the blood supply which forms a tumour. Garlic is an anti-inflammatory for the body. It has a number of active ingredients. Mushrooms There are many different variants to the humble mushroom, and each variant has its own promotional qualities. Shiitake Mushroom has been used for lowering cholesterol levels for many, many years. Lentinan has been extracted from shiitake which has been shown in research to reduce cancer tumours in size. Maitake Mushrooms Have ingredients that start the reaction which helps the body remove foreign invaders. Other ingredients have been shown to help stimulate the immune system and have also been shown to improve the effect of chemo,in particular helpful towards combating bone cancers and stomach cancer. Wine Yes, believe it or not, wine and red wine in particular, has high levels of a chemical called resveratrol which is derived from the grape skin. This has been found to be anti-cancer and pro-heart. Alcohol has always got to be taken in moderation however though, as Alcohol can be toxic and is associated with liver, breast and stomach cancers, so please always drink  carefully! Fibre oats, beans, lentils, fruit including pears and apples contain large amounts of fibre. Much research has shown that bowel cancer is less common in people who eat lots of fibre. Fibre could help protect against bowel cancer in a number of ways. Fibre increases the size of stools, dilutes their contents, and helps people have more frequent bowel movements. This reduces the contact time between the bowel and harmful chemicals in the stools. Fibre may also help gut bacteria produce helpful chemicals that change the conditions in the bowel. All of these things help to reduce the risk of cancer.

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