Burn Bullets & Burn Blend..Regine's Magic Combo!

Burn Bullets & Burn Blend..Regine's Magic Combo!

When these amazing customer progress pics are sent to us we just have to share them! Regine has used a combination of our Burn Bullets & Burn Blend meal replacement diet protein shakes (she went for chocoholic) over the last 3 months. She has lost a total of 42lbs so far, and is looking simply amazing, we couldn't be prouder of customers like Regine! Here is what she said:

Hello my name is Regine I started this weight loss not knowing what I was doing. I gained 80lbs in a matter of a year I went through a depression and was on medication so that is what always made me gain the weight. All my life I played soccer field hockey and ran track for 13 years until my depression kicked in. I finally started to lose weight about 5 years after I gained it. I came across grillafitness and it had aided in my weight loss I took burn bullet and chocolate shake for 3 months.

Will continue to use these products until I reach my goal😊 and then some


AMAAAAAAZZZINNNGGGGGG!!!! Why not see what you can achieve with help from our products??


Burn Blend Diet Protein Shake

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Burn Blend is our amazing weight management support meal replacement shake. Burn Blend contains a combination of arguably the most effective weight management ingredients available helping you towards your body goals whilst satisfying your hunger. Not only a great weight management support product, Burn Blend comes in several amazing flavours so will act as a treat without you having to feel guilty. Burn Blend mixes ultra smooth and can be added as an ingredient to make a variety of treats, drinks and smoothies.

Recommended for:

  • Individuals at all fitness levels, from pros to beginners.
  • A quick, easy and healthy meal replacement.
  • All Genders.
  • Those requiring a helping hand to hit their body goals.
  • Working towards a specific occasion or event such as a Holiday or Wedding
  • Individuals who are lacking every day energy and motivation.
  • Vegetarian friendly, soy & gluten free.