Burn Bullets a New Fatburner For The Massses

Burn Bullets a New Fatburner For The Massses
Hi Guys, Dino here I thought I would do a quick blog to inform you of Grilla Fitness beginning to launch our own range of supplements.  As summer has just passed and winter is looming, if you want to look good for next summer you need to start prepping and thinking about your diets, training plans and supplement plans now. As looking good for the summer was at the forefront of our minds, we decided the best place to start would be to start with a fat burning thermo formula. That is where 'Burn Bullets' were born.  We asked have developed with the help of industry leading experts a formula that will hope will be very effective. The brief was to create something that would help suppress apatite, give energy, burn calories, help the body to metabolise fat for energy production, increase focus, be effective as a pre training booster and over all help people get ripped! Now we hope that all of these elements will be evident to our customers...however proof is in the pudding (maybe a poor choice of pun given the content  of this blog). So to test the effectiveness of this product I will be using myself as a test subject. I will be writing blogs, doing video reviews and giving updates on my progress throughout the duration of the Burn Bullets use. To be as transparent as possible, I will be undergoing a body fat analysis at the begging of the process and at weekly intervals. I will also be keeping a note of my diet, and my training along with any other supplements I am taking during that time. The product itself will be available to buy next week, so if you want to get in now while stocks last, check back next week and click on the 'Burn Bullets' Banner. That's it for now but I will let you know as soon as I have started the test.

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