And The New Middleweight Champion.... Smokin Joe Mullender

And The New Middleweight Champion.... Smokin Joe Mullender

Here at Grilla Fitness we are always keen to help people reach their goals!

For the past few years we have had the pleasure of being a proud sponsor of newly crowned BBBofC English Middleweight Champion Joe Mullender, boxing out of Brentwood, Essex. Joe was recently crowned after a hotly contested televised bout which went the full distance of ten rounds against former middleweight champion Lee Markham. The bout, which was televised on both Box Nation and BT Sports, has been hailed as one of the fights of the year by boxing pundits and fans alike so if you get a chance to watch it you’re guaranteed first class action. The bout really does demonstrate true grit, determination and pure warrior spirit on both sides!




Joe started boxing at the relatively late age of 21, where he dived into the amateur scene, winning 13 of his 15 fights. Joe progressed from the amateur circuit and turned pro in 2012. Since then he has had 12 fights with 10 wins, including his championship bout in May this year.

As a boxer Joe will be the first to tell you that his fighting style is straight up brawler, and you will rarely see Joe take a step back in the fight as he walks his opponents down and breaks down their will! This style takes immense levels of fitness and a strong character! Majority of fights fans would also agree that this style of boxing is also the most exciting to watch from a spectator point of view.

As with all boxers weight management is crucial and Joe along with other fighters will tell you putting the correct fuel and supplements into your body ensures that the body is ready to endure the punishment that a training camp and fight can inflict on the boxer.

Joe uses our Burn Blend all year round to ensure his muscles are being fed with high quality protein for muscle repair whilst ensuring that any excess fat is kept to a minimum. When the time comes for Joe to cut weight, Joe steps up the supplement regime by using our Burn Bullets along with Target Zone CLA to help him shift the last stubborn weight that his body may be holding on to. Grilla Fitness products are all tested to european guidelines, so Joe and other fighters are assured that what is stated on the on the label matches the contents.

When Joe is training he wears our Free Flow training tops and our Cobra Vests as our gym wear stands up to the demand of his high intensity training regeme. The materials and breathable panels allow his body to cool freely to ensure that he can train to his maximum capabilities every time. During colder months and for those early morning runs, Joe uses our Squad Tracksuits as they keep him sufficiently warm so that he can limit his risk of muscular injuries and he tells us that the tracksuits allow him to move freely and do not restrict him as some tracksuits tend to do.

Joe is now looking at fighting later on this year with a view to fight for a British or European title which will give him a word ranking. From there the whole middle weight division could potentially open up for him! Joe knows this is the path he needs to take if he wants to face the likes of Eubank Jnr, GGG or Alvarez! One thing we know for sure is Joe will never EVER shy away from a challenge, and anyone standing in the opposite corner of ‘Smokin Joe’ better be ready to be tested to the max!

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