30 Minute home work out no excuses!

30 Minute home work out no excuses!

So I am fed up with people telling me that they would like to lose weight but do not have time, or do not have a gym membership. These are not good enough excuses. I have therefore put together a very simple home workout routine that can be completed in around 30 minutes. In some cases I can understand that in today's climate, gym memberships are not financially viable. However time is not a fair excuse. I train 6 times a week after working a 60 hour week, if you want to you will find the time.  I ask these same people, how much TV do you watch each night, usually the answer is 2-3 hours. If this is the case, why not substitute 30 mins of this time for your health. In fact, you can even keep an eye on the TV whilst you do this simple routine. All you need is a stopwatch your own body weight and some motivation to get it done!

This routine, will blast up to 350 calories in around 30 minutes, and you’ll build core strength while you’re at it. If you do this routine just three times a week to drop some weight for the summer you will be burning an easy 750 cals in 1.5 hours a week. If you want to burn an additional 200 cals a day then a 30-45 min brisk walk is all that is needed.

Star Jumps 2 mins

Mountain Climbers 2 mins

Standing squat 2 mins

side to side jumps 2 mins

Plank 2mins

on the spot sprint 2 mins

crunches x 30-50

Jump bringing knees to chest 2 mins

Jumping jacks 2 mins

Repeat twice

Now this is such a simple routine but if you stick to it you will be surprised what a difference it will make in a short time.  If you cant manage it straight away, take small breaks between but ideally for the effectiveness try and run through the whole routine. As you get better increase the intensity or even the length of time at each stage. The most important thing is to stop making excuses and GET IT DONE, no one but you can make yourself do it, and make the body changes you long for!

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