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Burn Bullets
Burn Bullets

Grilla Burn Bullets Twin Pack


Two Tubs (8 weeks supply) of our famous Burn Bullets 10% bundle discount BURN BULLETS One of the UK's fastest selling fatburners! Advanced weight loss matrix Used by a host of celebrities Results can be seen in as little as 7 days BURN CALORIES, SPEED UP METABOLISM, INCREASE ENERGY Burn Bullets are Grilla Fitness's hugely popular weight loss product. We use carefully selected Ingredients to promote natural weight loss forcing your body to use fat for energy. We also provide a free diet plan to help you achieve your body goals! INGREDIENTS 2 Caps (a days serving) to be taken separately contain Caffeine (from cocoa, anhydrous and guarana) 323mg
Brazilian Cocoa Extract 4:1 240mg
Cayenne Extract 8:1 190mg
Hops Extract 7.5:1 100mg
Green Coffee Extract 20:1 95mg
Green Tea Extract 4:1 40mg
Niacin (Vitamin B3) 35mg NE 219%
Guarana Extract 4:1 24mg
Acetyl (N) L-Carnitine 20mg
Bioperine 9mg
Chromium 2.4µg 6%
OUR PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN DNP Burn Bullets Raises your metabolism Burns excess fat by encouraging the body to use fat for energy Increases energy levels Suppresses appetite 100% natural and safe Ideal for both men and women 60 capsules (at least 1 months supply) Don't take our word for it, what do our customers say? @henriettacash 'I can finally say I'm getting to where I want with my body, with help of #burnbullets' @katieelouisee21 'lost 5 and a half stone with burn bullets in a year' @powerloz '4 Weeks I can see a difference - burnbullets are amazing' @simi_xo 'Burnbullets are my saviour @ryanjoc1994 'its made to think how much I have changed my life in the last year! Couldnt be happier..nearly 8 stone down!!! @sophieameliax3 'the results are making me more and more motivated' @lloyd_muldowney '9 days on Burnbullets and the abs are coming out to play' **** PLEASE NOTE**** When you purchase this product the diet plan will become available for you to download by logging in to your account and viewing the 'My Downloadable products' Section. CAUTIONS Contains Caffeine. Do not take with any other caffeine-containing products. These tablets do not normally cause adverse effects. However, individuals can react differently so if you are affected, you should seek medical advice. Not to be taken by under 18 year olds. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women or people sensitive to caffeine. Do not use in conjunction with alcohol. Keep out of reach of children.

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