Hayley's weight loss transformation

Size 14 to a 10


I meal prepped & took the Burn Bullets and the weight just dropped off. A lot of people think that they are a fad or rubbish, but I can honestly say that its not.





"I was in a really unhappy marriage, he was emotionally abusive towards me about my appearance mainly. After that picture I knew I needed to do something for myself, not for him, so I left him and never looked back. I lost 2st in 6 months just by going to the gym, watching what I ate and using burn bullets."


I had three children in quick succession, I just couldn't lose the baby weight. I gave the Burn Bullets a go. I was not eating great but I still saw a lot of improvement with my weight. I then thought I need to do this properly. I meal prepped and took then Burn Bullets and the weight just dropped off. A lot of people think that they are a fad or rubbish., but I can honestly say that its not. I have kept the weight off, I am happy! When I started I attended a wedding at a size 14, today I am going to another wedding..at a size 10! I love them I think that they are great and I will continue to use them



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