Wellness Bundle

Wellness Bundle

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Purchase our hugely popular health and wellness supplements all in one complete wellness bundle at an amazing discounted rate.

Bundle includes:

Hey-Glo - a complex of vitamins, minerals and detoxifiers combined to unleash your inner glow! Vitamin C boosts energy levels and contributes to collagen formation which helps resist the onset of wrinkles. Zinc, Vitamin A and Biotin, aid in promoting a healthy skin glow, whilst nourishing hair and nails.

Purify - Purify capsules work by detoxifying the liver, skin and kidneys. Detoxifying the body is a key element in improving energy levels, raising metabolism, boosting the immune system and combating the feeling of fatigue and tiredness.

Clarity - A great product to boost mental performance, raise energy levels and fight the feeling of fatigue. The clarity blend also enhances memory and attention span, whilst promoting general wellbeing.

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