Lean Muscle Gain plan - Men

Lean Muscle Gain plan - Men

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It is often difficult for men to maintain muscle mass whilst keeping body fat to a minimum (lean muscle gains). Here we provide a full range of products aimed towards building lean muscle gains all in one handy bundle. No more scratching your head, grab these products and go get those gains!

What is Included? - (1 stack is approx 4 weeks supply)
The Grilla Fitness lean muscle gain plan for men 
1 x  Levels Pre workout powder
1 x 1kg tub of Iso-blend Whey protein
1x 500g Tub of Ultra Pure Creatine monohydrate
1x Tub of 'The Test' natural Testosterone booster 
1 x Shaker
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  • No GMO
    No GMO
  • Vegetarian

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