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Welcome to the all new Grilla Fitness blogs

Posted by Grilla Fitness on

Hi and welcome to Grilla Fitness blogs

Here we will be sharing information on anything fitness related which we hope you will find interesting, helpful, informative, funny or thought provoking. We will be uploading content on a regular basis so please keep coming back to read up on the latest additions to our blog archive, where we will aim to keep it current and relevant.

Jointly the Grilla team have amassed a significant number of years of experience within the fitness sector.   Our experience has been gained in our nutrition shops, gyms,  and also personal results throughout our gym training years identifying things we may have struggled with, found useful and interesting or discovering what has personally worked for us. So we feel that this is a great foundation to give you some interesting reads, as we know what are the most common questions and problems encountered.

We would love to hear what you think of our blogs, maybe some of you would like to provide feedback on the content, telling us what you want to see more/less of or maybe even suggestions on new content. Also feel free to ask us a question because chances are if your asking it then someone else will be thinking the same question. We will blog in response to any questions you may send us. If you do want to send us something then ask at info@grillafitness.com with 'blog question' in the title. We hope you will find this both interesting and helpful, and thanks for visiting us and being part of the Grilla Fitness community Signed Grilla Fitness Team

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