2018.....what an amazing year!

2018.....what an amazing year!

As 2018 draws to an end, The Grilla Fitness team reflects on what has to be said, a very successful year for all of those involved in the Grilla fitness Family!

To say a massive thank you for your loyal support and custom, and to give a little back, we are offering some amazing deals in our ‘’twelve days of Christmas’’ section. We will be adding a new deal each day so keep an eye on our Christmas Deals section.


Our research and development into our new products is always extremely important to us, from the product conception, sourcing of ingredients through to product look and taste, so when we launch a new product, it is a big deal, if it is not good enough, simply..we will not launch it. When we do, we are always sure that we have something to be truly proud to offer.

This year we have expanded our range to cover the needs up to most of advanced of athletes. These include:

ISO BLEND Whey Protein: our premium quality whey isolate blend, designed for muscle recovery and lean growth.

LEVELS Pre-workout: A supplement to be taken prior to training to ensure laser-like focus and massive energy levels, ensuring ultimate performance is achieved.

ULTRA PURE Creatine: A powder which can be taken to increase strength and explosiveness.

THE TEST Testosterone Booster: Formulated for the guys, to promote testosterone levels naturally and effectively, increase muscle gain, libido and promote weight loss.



Whatever stage you are at in your fitness journey, we are here to help you along your way, from being a complete fitness novice all the way up to a professional athlete at the top of their field, every achievement is earned with equal merit, and WOW, we have seen some great achievements this year!

Every day we are so proud to receive messages from our customers explaining how our products have really helped them with their weight loss goals and given them that extra kick start and motivation to start on their journey. We love to see these! When we set out to create a fitness brand we had the notion of providing a product range to help you with your goals whatever they may be, so we give ourselves a big hi-five when we see that we have helped improve peoples lives and confidence. Here is a small Section of our customer progress pictures which we are sure you agree are simply amazing! If you are looking to start your weight loss journey, be assured whatever your starting point, you CAN achieve! 





As Grilla Fitness is a brand which is synonymous with quality products, we have been able to work with some great sports people! We have been delighted to play a role in some great sporting achievements this year! We have far too many to mention all in this blog but here are a snippet of achievements! Follow our Instagram page for more!

Aaron Chalmers ‘’The joker'', MMA fighter

 For those who are unaware, Aaron made the very unlikely Transition from ‘’reality TV star’’ to professional MMA fighter just over a year ago.

Aaron's team contacted us to help put together a supplement plan for his training camps, and we were more than happy to help! Since then we have been working closely alongside Aaron and his team. 

Aaron has got off to an amazing start in his professional fighting career having finished all four of his opponents in the first round. Not bad at all for a man who took up mixed martial arts under two years ago from a being a complete novice! 

Aaron was first brought to the main stage by the BAMMA organisation where he managed to make such a wave he was soon fighting in packed out arenas such as the 02! 

Looking forward into 2019 Aaron has now transitioned to the world-renowned Bellator organisation where he will be looking to make a huge impact in February when he fights in his hometown of Newcastle! The Grilla Fitness Team will be there in full force and we know the atmosphere is going to be electric! 

A special thanks to Aaron and his team for helping us in the development of our new pro-range protein ISO BLEND


Joe Mullender ‘’Smoking Joe'', Middleweight Boxer


Joe Mullender or ‘smoking Joe' is as down to earth and as tough as they come! Joe has been coming for his supplements at our Grilla Fitness outlet in Essex and has since built an amazing relationship with the Grilla Team. 

We provide Joe will all of his training camp supplements and being Vegan, Joe has become a big fan of our Vegan Burn Blend Protein!

In 2018, Joe has been involved in some very tough fights, and has been deemed as a spectators favourite, with his Aggressive Front Foot style! Joe's latest Win coming by Stoppage with a barrage of body shots which eventually stopped his opponent in the late rounds. 

Looking into 2019 Joe will be aiming for either a British or European title, and we will be with him every step of the way!


Fabian Edwards ‘’the Assasin'', MMA fighter

 Fabian is touted as the ‘’next big thing’’ in MMA taking BAMMA by storm with some electrifying stoppages! Being in the Same camp as Aaron Chalmers, Fabian could see the benefits of Aarons supplement plan and we gladly put our support behind him when his team approached us!


Middleweight, Fabian Brother to UFC phenomenon Leon Edwards hails from Birmingham. A very Versatile fighter who can finish by submission or strike, Fabian always makes for exciting viewing!

In 2018 Fabian staked claim to being one of the most feared contenders in the BAMMA middleweight division by two Wins on the Big Stage.

2019 sees Fabian looking to aim for titles! We can’t wait to see him in action again!


NEW FOR 2019

Looking forward to 2019, we have some very exciting plans! 

Support Group: We will be creating a support group, where our Grilla Fitness customers will be able to interact with other Grilla Fitness customers and also have access to our Expert Grilla advice. This will be accessible simply from your mobile phone where we will be able to discuss everything, progress, diet, supplement and training related!

New bundle and stack deals: We will be creating more bundle deals at discounted rates which means we will have you covered on whichever goal you may be striving to achieve, from weightless, to lean muscle gain, wellness and energy. We will also be creating bespoke diet plans which we will be including into each stack for Free!

Improved shipping rates and shipping to more countries: We have been working hard on driving down costs to ship abroad and to increase our shipping destination countries to make sure that we are accessible to all of our friends overseas! We will be looking to launch these new rates and locations in early spring 2019!

New products: Research and development into new products are underway, so watch the space and wait for the 2019 drops!


We would sincerely like to thank all that have been involved in making our 2018 such a success, from our manufacturing all the way through the most important guys….you! We hope you have had a great 2018 and have achieved all of your goals you set out for!

On to 2019, let's have an even bigger year! Together.